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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Asking the Wrong Question

Whenever you bring up the location of the Ark there are lots of opinions. The search for the Ark of the Covenant has been ongoing for centuries, but nothing conclusive has surfaced since its disappearance over 2,600 years ago. As human beings, we don’t like unsolved mysteries; if it’s lost, we want to find it.

There are many motivations that play into searching for artifacts. Some want fame and fortune, some want to generate controversy, and others just want to solve the mystery.

“Where” is the lost Ark of the Covenant so treasured by the Jewish nation? By leading with this most logical question researchers, scholars and explorers have proposed over a dozen different locations: Ethiopia, South Africa, Jordon, a Cathedral in France, Ireland, to name quite a few.

These sites and theories have not yielded any real evidence for the authentic location of the Ark. More importantly, they have failed to answer how and why the Ark would have been in any location other than Jerusalem. There is no biblical record or credible historical report that informs us as to what happened. Many have presented their speculations. It has even been postulated that several copies of the Ark were constructed to ensure its protection. Even Hollywood couldn’t resist the tantalizing story, and gave us Raiders of the Lost Ark, adding to the suspense.

With the advent of reality TV, the searching took on a whole new dimension. You should understand this though: most reality TV is not about reality. It’s even more contrived and staged than real life! These television programs are not about actually finding anything they’re looking for, or resolving a mystery; it’s all about keeping the series going. To do that, they generate controversy to extend the searching without ever coming to a conclusion. It’s not about the truth, it’s about entertainment and ratings and money from advertisers.
They are scripted to entice you into the thrill of the search, but if they actually lead you to a conclusion on that search, their series ends. So, it’s better for them financially to NEVER solve the mystery at all. So, these shows keep people thirsting without ever giving them more than a few drops of water.

Our journey together will provide real answers; you will see the truth for yourself. You and I as human beings long for resolution. If you want some real answers, that requires study and following the clues, this is what we are going to do. If you are interested in finding the Ark of the Covenant, let’s take that journey together.


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